Kay Lampe Hannasch

Honored by:Dick Hannasch
Brick location:G:13  map

Kay Lampe Hannasch thinks of herself as someone not deserving to be honored in the Plaza of the Heroines. She says she is not old enough or professionally distinguished enough. However age and experience are not the only merits for deserving honor. Kay chooses to work in the scientific field a field long dominated by men. Through her work and dedication she has earned the respect and trust of her peers. She also shares her interests with children showing them wonders of nature and science in order to spark their curiosity to teach them and to help them learn. In the community Kay gives her time to a music group at church donates blood contributes to charity and helps put on pre-marriage workshops for engaged couples. While this may not seem like much imagine what things would be like if people who did these things stopped doing them. Her small works are part of how a community accomplishes larger things. Outside of work Kay is devoted to family and friends. She lends her ear to those who need someone to listen her hand in friendship her heart to those who need her love her backbone to those who need her support and strength in difficult times and her vision to those who need to see more possibilities. Finally Kay is my best friend and spouse. I cannot express exactly what she means to me except to say that it begins with what she gives to others and goes beyond that. In my eyes and in the eyes of others Kay does small things greatly.

Kay who is 31 as I write this (don't worry-- she won't care that you know how old she is) may still be thinking that she's not old enough to be honored in this plaza. If so she should think of this as a lifetime achievement award given in advance. She has much more to do in her life and whatever it is she is sure to do it well. For all her work we honor her.