Kim Paulsen Daly

Honored by:Bob, Ali, Alex, and Drew
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Kim Paulsen Daly has and continues to take on many roles in her life. They come as a mother, grandmother, teacher, supportive confidant, friend, neighbor, hero, and a survivor. Kim lives a life that inspires her peers in her selflessness and compassion for helping others. She is constantly and consistently looking to see where she can be of help. She loves to spend time with her children and grandchildren when they are around, or when she travels to see them. Family is always an important aspect in her life. Everyone is always happy to return home to see her or when she makes the friendly visit to her children. Plus, she makes the best cookies.

In every interaction with her loved ones, she teaches the importance of love, acceptance, and ability to help those around you. Kim taught Pre-School, Early Childhood Special Education, and Kindergarten for over twenty years. In those years, she continued to teach and love her students as her own. She spent countless hours outside of school making sure each one of her students were taken care of and made sure she was helping each student to their individual needs no matter how big or small. Her students still to this day, and some are now in college, remember her and her generosity and make sure to give her a hug when they see her in public for everything she did for them.

Kim has also faced adversity in her life by surviving a car crash in her senior year here at ISU, where she had a skull fracture and had to relearn everything. While it took to time to get back to full operating capacity, she did and managed to graduate the following fall with her Bachelor’s of Science in ECSC, Pre-K and Kindergarten Education. This isn’t the only time she has faced adversity, she also beat Breast Cancer, in which her family and peers were able to give back and help her, as she has always done for those around herself. After successfully beating Breast Cancer, she continues to support those that are diagnosed with any kind of cancer. She helps them out in whatever way she can, as she knows how scary it can be, and that any act of love can make the complete difference in the journey.

Lastly, Kim has an infectious laugh. She brings joy and good spirits to those around her. She is always willing to be a little goofy or tell a joke to brighten someone’s day and provide a smile. She is loved by her friends, as she so dearly loves them. There is never a day where she is not smiling. Friendship, along with family, are what keeps her spirits up no matter the situation. She would do anything for them, as they would do anything for her.

Kim Paulsen Daly takes on many different roles, but they all fall under one, a Heroine. Her selflessness and care for her peers, is what establishes her as a Heroine. She will go out of her way to comfort those around her, and try to help them out. There is not a day where her help goes unnoticed. She has spent a majority of her life teaching youth and helping those in her community. She is truly deserving of a status such as a Heroine.