Kimberly Burtt

Honored by:Andy Burtt and Monique Clemens
Brick location:E:25  map

To Kimberly Larson Burtt--ISU student, wife, and mother:

I write about a woman who I’ve known for twenty two years - since high school. You are commended by me for being a woman over 35 years old, coming from an urban setting for a background with poor financial status, yet achieving a 3.95 GPA and graduating as one of the few women in the Mechanical Engineering Field. You pursued your goal and achieved it! To have your name involved with such a place as Carrie Chapman Catt Hall is an honor in itself! You definitely belong here! You’ve inspired me to continue after the same goal and, yes as another woman over 35, I too hope to reach it! Thank you for being such a good role model.

Your friend,
Monique Clemens