Kimberly K. Hickman

Honored by:Judy Stroud, Allison Haguewood, Kelli Dills, Beth Gill and Genie Haugland
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It is an honor and a privilege to know and work with Dr. Kimberly Hickman. Her caring knowledgeable and giving attitude in the field of Veterinarian Medicine makes us all proud to be a part of her team. Dr. Hickman has worked hard to prove herself equally as competent in her field as any male veterinarian and as we all know - women rule!

Judy Stroud In the years that I have known and worked for Dr. Hickman I have come to admire and respect her caring nature. She can make hard work and long hours seem like nothing at all. She is truly proof that it isn't necessary to have a cold impersonal corporate attitude to be successful.

-Allison Haguewood, Kelli Dills, Bethany Gill, & Genie Haugland