Kimberly M. McDonough

Honored by:Dustin McDonough
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Kimberly Mae McDonough (née Claussen, born July 23, 1980, Omaha, Neb.) is a true Iowa Stater. She holds three degrees from ISU (2002 Journalism & Mass Communications, 2004 MS, 2017 PhD Education). Since 2014 she has served as Director of Alumni Relations for the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. Before that she worked for eight years at the Greenlee School of Journalism and Communication as an academic adviser, internship coordinator, program coordinator, and assistant to the director. She has also been an instructor and has served on various boards and committees at the university. Kim's passion for Iowa State has been evident throughout her career as she has built and maintained relationships with students and alumni, earning their respect and admiration while benefitting the university and its mission. She’s also a great wife and aunt to our three nieces and one nephew. Kim is strong and resilient, and I am proud and happy to have her in my life.

- Dustin McDonough, Ames, Iowa