Kirsti Engen

Honored by:John & Joni Axel
Brick location:PAVER:28  map


Kirsti Morseth Engen
Born: Norway, 1864
Died: Aneta, North Dakota, 1965

Carrie (Kari) Engen Houge
Born: Norway, 1886
Died: Grand Forks, North Dakota, 1975

Edna Houge Urenn Barnes
Born: Aneta, North Dakota, 1912

Joni Urenn Axel
Born: North Dakota, 1943
Iowa State University, 1960-64

I gratefully acknowledge my Norwegian heritage. From Kirsti Engen's sod hut near Aneta, North Dakota through our era of technological miracles, each of these women set goals higher than her predecessor. May the spirit and accomplishments of my mother, grandmother and great-grandmother always inspire other women.

Submitted on 7/1/96

Brick also located at: H12