Kristin Ellen Tow Meadows

Honored by:Ellen Skold and Karen Skold Tow
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We are proud to honor our daughter and granddaughter as a heroine on her 26th birthday June 4, 1997. Kristin Ellen Tow Meadows is a strong-minded woman who has always found ways to succeed as a student, an athlete, a professional, and as a loving member of our family. Kristin is a heroine because she always reaches out to help others, offering friendship, shelter, or comfort.

She is a heroine because she overcame a learning disability to excel in school. She is a heroine because she trained hard to be an excellent athlete. She is a heroine because she worked her way through college. She is a heroine because she has worked long hours to establish a successful career in customer service. She is a heroine because she has made a warm and loving home and marriage. She is a heroine because she champions the rights of women and minorities.

Kristin was born June 4, 1997, in Ames, Iowa, and graduated from Ballard High School Huxley in 1989. She was an Honors Program student at Iowa State University and graduated with distinction in 1993 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Art and Design.

She is a member of Alpha Phi women’s fraternity and of Phi Kappa Phi and Alpha Lambda Delta/Phi Eta Sigma honor societies. She married David Meadows on May 22, 1993 and moved to Chicago, Illinois. Kristin is a customer relations specialist with the travel company Abercrombie & Kent in Oak Brook, Illinois.

She enjoys flowers, animals (especially cats), art, entertaining, her family and friends, decorating her home, and meeting people as she travels around the world.

Submitted by her mother, Karen Skold Tow, and her grandmother, D. Ellen Marlatt Skold.