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In the early 1970's a group of women in Norman, Oklahoma, began discussions that led to the development of two programs that have had significant impact for women in all of Oklahoma. The women of L.O.V.E. S. (Ladies' Own Visiting and Eating Society) were intimately involved in the founding of the Women's Resource Center, the University of Oklahoma Women's Studies Program, and Norman Shelter for Battered Women. The Women's Resource Center began in 1975, providing programs for single parents, women in transition from full-time homemaking to school or work, counseling referral, and sexual assault services. In 1980, the Center grew to include the Norman Shelter for Battered Women.

The Center and the Shelter served as models for other programs across the state and were instrumental in the founding of the Oklahoma Coalition Against Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault. The Women's Resource Center and the Norman Shelter are supported by individual contributions and local, civic, and state funds.

Meanwhile, another group including some of the same women persuaded the University of Oklahoma to found the Women's Studies Program at the University. The two groups worked developed joint projects including the first Oklahoma conferences for feminists. Conference topics included Women Together, Women in the Workplace, Women and Mental Health, Women in the Arts. The collaboration also provided coordination of class projects for women undergraduates and research opportunities for graduate students that met the needs of the Women's Resource Center.

As each of the women moved from these programs to other activities, reinventing and changing their lives, they have met together at least once a month to reaffirm their commitment to women's issues and their friendship. They continue to be a resource and serve as consultants to the programs that they founded.

L.O.V.E.S. is an open group. The core members over the years have been:

Katie Barwick-Snell
Helen Thayer DeBoldt
Barbara Hillyer
Penny Hopkins
Glenda Hufnagel
Elaine Kumin
Constance Lindemann
Carolyn Stout Morgan
Alane Baird Winbum --T.Jl. - ISU 1953