Latha Shannon Bonnewell

Honored by:Bob Bonnewell
Brick location:C:22  map

This photo portrays Latha's dominant lifetime interests:

1. FAMILY, represented by her husband Robert Willard Bonnewell, 1940 ISU graduate and father of their three children: Robert E. 1968 ISU graduate, Veta, and Bruce.

2. IOWA STATE UNIVERSITY, represented by President Martin Jischke.

3. ART & DESIGN, represented by "Designs by Latha" turban, earrings and garment (with handbag and stole - cropped from the photo); and by RWB's pendant from the Boston Museum of Fine Arts.

4. INTERNATIONALISM, represented by Latha's turban, inspired by the daily attire worn by the women of West Africa; stole (or "body wrap"), inspired by the Indian women of the Andes; handbag of African tie-dye fabric purchased in Ghana; and RWB's sweater, purchased in Norway, and pendant, based on painting from the Chinese Sung Dynasty of 1244 A.D.

5. WOMEN EVERYWHERE, represented by Latha's personal attire, the African turban and the Andes stole, worn daily as a visible reflection of her feeling of KINSHIP WITH WOMEN AROUND THE WORLD. This "kinship with others in our global society" also prompted Latha's collection of LOVE words from around the world. The 1995 listing, which continues to grow, has 216 national and tribal LOVE words meaning "Love & Concern" for others from 98 countries ranging alphabetically from Afghanistan to Zambia. All of the listed words have been given to Latha by individuals who speak the various languages. Latha continues to seek more of these words, especially more in unwritten tribal languages.

In 1992, Latha was awarded the Iowa State University ALUMNI MERIT AWARD for "outstanding contribution to human welfare that transcends purely professional accomplishments."