Laura Larsen Pedersen Madsen

Honored by:Brian K. Paulson
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The granite paver placed here honors four women in our family: Janiece Larsen Paulson, Helen Pedersen Larsen, Doris Wearmouth Paulson, and Laura Larsen Pedersen Madsen. Their achievements are not in amassing great wealth or becoming famously known, nor for being saints or martyrs. Rather, they are simply recognized for the love, strength, and devotion they've given to their families and community. Their examples continue to be an inspiration for us all.

Ms. Laura Cecelia Larsen (December 20, 1889-February 18, 1971) was my great-grandmother and the only great-grandparent I knew. My memory of this great lady is one of complete admiration from her much-loved family. She holds a special place in our hearts and has left a lasting impact on all of us.

Laura came with her parents to the United States from Denmark at age five. They lived in Humboldt County, Iowa, where Laura was raised with her brother and sisters in the Bradgate-Ottosen area. She married Willis Pedersen, another Danish immigrant, and had six children: Andrew, Chris (Mike), Helen, Christina, Harry, and Esther. Willis and Laura were farmers also, raising their children in the Bradgate-Ottosen area.

After Willis' death, Laura married Mike Madsen and lived in Humboldt, Iowa. Laura was a warm and generous person greatly loved and admired by friends and family throughout her years. She was a founding member of the Danish Lutheran Church of Rutland, now called Rutland Trinity Lutheran Church, and was active in church and community affairs. For many of her adult years, Laura assisted as a midwife in delivering many babies in her community and was always giving of herself to those in need.

Now, four generations later, Laura's memory is as strong as ever. On July 14, 1993, Miss Laura Elizabeth Paulson, Laura's great-great-granddaughter, was born, a beautiful living reminder of Laura and her great legacy to her family.

Submitted by Brian K. Paulson, December, 25 1994

Paver Inscription:

"Janiece Larsen Paulson
Helen Pederson Larsen
Doris Wearmouth Paulson
Laura Larsen Pederson Madsen"

Brick also located at: H9