Laura Ramker Gerhard

Honored by:Kent and LouAnn Sandburg
Brick location:G:20  map

I would like to honor my mother for the courage she has displayed throughout her lifetime. If any woman now or in the future is looking for a role model I would suggest my mom. In 1929 at the age of 17 and armed with a high school education she began supporting herself and her mother by teaching rural school in Butler County Iowa. From the perspective of 1995 that may seem like a long time ago but she still receives Christmas cards from former students telling her she was one of the most important people in their lives. In 1945 she married my dad Raymond Gerhard of Marble Rock Iowa and moved to his farm. Here she did all the things farm wives of that period did--raising chickens and kids gardening being the extra "hired man" on a moment's notice to chase livestock working in the field or going into town for replacement parts for the machinery. Throughout this time she took care of grandparents and other relatives needing someone and made many lives better. She was active in her church and the community. At every juncture she had the courage to do what had to be done and to make the decisions that had to be made. Along the way earned the respect love and admiration of friends and family.

As I was growing up she often told me "it takes a lot of courage to get through life". I would like this memorial on the Iowa State campus to be a permanent tribute to her courage. 4/95