Laurie Lyn Gustafson

Honored by:Heather Gustafson
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Laurie was born July 16, 1953 to Harlan and Juanita Hinkeldey of Aurelia, Iowa. She was reared on a grain and livestock farm and attended Hanover School the Lutheran parochial school south of Alta. She was very active in 4-H and church activities. She attended Aurelia Community School for high school and graduated in May of 1971.

In September, Laurie married Mark Gustafson, a high school classmate. They left for Iowa State University that same fall where Laurie attended for one year. Their first child Chad was born in 1972. Laurie felt strongly that her first priority was with Chad so she started a baby-sitting service in their mobile home. She would sometimes have six or eight kids at once although she always gave each one individual attention. Her "children" were very important to her.

Mark graduated in May of 1975. The family moved to Aberdeen South Dakota where Mark began a banking career. Traci the first daughter was born in September of 1975. In December of 1975 the family moved to Norwalk Iowa when Mark transferred to another job. Laurie continued to take care of the family as well as become involved in their church. She also prepared Chad for his first year in school. In December of 1977 the second daughter Heather was born. Laurie was kept very busy organizing the activities of three children as well as supporting Mark.

 The family moved back to Mark's family farm in May 1979. Laurie continued to handle the family affairs as well as becoming very active in church and community activities. She also became a very proficient tole painter gardener and seamstress. Her family was still the center of her life.

In June of 1982, the family moved to Boone where Mark returned to banking. Chad Traci and Heather were all in school in the fall of 1982 so Laurie decided to finish her college career at Iowa State University. She enrolled that fall in the business college with a major emphasis in accounting. Juggling school and family became a challenge for Laurie although she excelled at challenges. She loved her classes and her excellent grades were a testimony to her dedication. She graduated in December of 1986 four months after her husband had transferred to Galesburg Illinois with another bank. Laurie and the kids remained in Boone to finish the school year. The challenge of selling the house taking care of the kids and attending ISU full-time while at the same time preparing to move to Galesburg kept Laurie very busy. The family joined Mark in Galesburg in January of 1987.

Laurie immediately went to work for McGladrey & Pullen an accounting firm and also studied for the CPA exam. She passed this rigorous exam in November 1987. In 1988 Laurie became the financial manager for three orthopedic surgeons in Galesburg. She set up an entire computer system for this office and brought their financial matters up to date. In 1991 Laurie became an accountant for The Admiral Company a division of The Maytag Corporation. Laurie's primary responsibilities included general ledger functions as well as preparing comprehensive month-end financial statements to send to the corporate office in Newton, Iowa. This position allowed herthe opportunity to grow in a corporate environment. However she always kept the family first and foremost. She also maintained her close ties to the church by serving as Treasurer.

Mark moved back to Boone, Iowa in December 1991 again leaving Laurie and the kids to manage for themselves for six months. However Chad was now a student at Iowa State University and away from his mother's daily attention. Laurie and the girls joined Mark in June of 1992. Laurie continued to work for The Maytag Co. for six months commuting 80 miles each way from Boone to Newton every day. In November she joined Iowa State University in the Facilities Planning and Management area as an accountant. Traci started her college career at Iowa State in January of 1993 and enjoyed seeing her mom on campus on a regular basis. The great flood of 1993 provided another challenge for Laurie as she was assigned the responsibility of tracking all the expenses relating to the damage on campus. This function gave Laurie great access to the many facets of the university including many of the personnel. In November of 1994 she transferred to the ISU Athletic Department as Financial Manager a job that required immediate attention due to the severe financial strain placed on the programs. Laurie has accepted the challenge as usual and will provide great assistance in this area.

Laurie has demonstrated throughout her life that her family her religion and her career are very important parts of her life. She gave up completing her college degree shortly after she started so that she could provide proper care for her family. It was only after the youngest child entered school that Laurie felt comfortable in going after her degree. She has also been very involved in her church and each community she has lived in, serving as Treasurer for the last two churches. Laurie has always put more into her job than required, as attested by the recommendations she has received from each past employer. Lauries has served as an inspiration to her children and a source of support for her husband. She truly has been a heroine to our family.