Leah Linell Larson

Honored by:Linda Lange Larson
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I am honoring my daughter Leah for many reasons. Although she is not yet 25 years old she has already established herself as an incredible young woman who is using many of her talents in her work and her daily life. As a young girl Leah was bright, outgoing and friendly. Never afraid to converse with people of any age she impressed many adults with her ability and desire to get to know people. She would march right up to any acquaintance of mine and introduce herself by saying 'Hi I'm Leah. I'm Linda's daughter!"

As a teenager her people skills were manifest not only in how many friends she had but in how delighted school administrators were with her service to her school. She was honored with a prestigious award from her vice principal for such deeds. Employers during her teen years appreciated her ability to work hard in addition to her wonderful people skills. Leah's wonderful way with people is perhaps most extraordinary in how she relates to elderly people.

Leah has the deepest respect and admiration for people who by virtue of their years have wisdom and stories to share. Leah listens to the stories of the experienced in ways many people do not. Leah's enjoyment of other people is evident in her adult work. She is a buyer/manager for a large well-known retail company a position she attained in just over two years. Even at her tender age she is in a position of great responsibility and has the respect and admiration of the people who work with her.

Leah is beautiful, talented and independent. More important she is a gracious and thoughtful woman towards all people. A mother could ask for nothing more.