Legg Family ISU Women

Honored by:Carol D. Legg Zeigler
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Pearle Crawford Legg (UNI A.A. ‘23) with husband Joseph E. encouraged their three children Joseph Jr., John and Carol noted below to attend ISU.

Esther Lucile Held Legg B.S. F&CS-T&C ‘49; wife of Joseph E. Jr. B.S. An.Sci. '49; mother of Juliann, Dean and Janice noted below.

Dorothy Jean Wood Legg; fraternity housemother ‘47 - ‘50; wife of John fraternity housefather ‘47 - ‘50 B.S. An.Sci. ‘50 (U of Chicago. M.B.A. '72); mother of James noted below.

Carol Dee Legg Zeigler B.S. F&CS-JLMC ‘53 (UNI M.A. ‘79); mother of Susan Zeigler noted below.

Susan Anne Zach Legg F&CS and L.A.S. '66 - ‘68; (Ill. State U B.A. ‘72 U of Ala. M.A. ‘83); wife of James Wendell Legg B.S. M.E. ‘70.

Juliann Sue Legg Vann F&CS-Int.D. ‘68 - '70; (U of Md. B.A. ‘75 U of Dayton M.A. ‘95); wife of Kenneth Vann B.S. Phys. ‘70 (U of Wisc. M.S. ‘71 U of Ia. M.D. ‘79).

Teri Lynn Daily Legg B.S. F&CS-CD ‘77; wife of Dean Walter Legg B.S. Civ.E. ‘79. Janice Marie Legg B.A. Arch. ‘81. Susan Elizabeth Zeigler Arch. '82 -