Leona Krupa Marcheski

Honored by:Jodie Marcheski & Family
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Leona (Krupa) Marcheski was born September 10, 1932. She was the youngest of seven children born to Polish immigrant parents. She grew up in Chicago and married Benny Marcheski and had two sons Mark and Michael, and has four grandchildren Sarah, Vincent, Katherine and Marissa. She retired in the mid 90s from Motorolla after a long and successful career with the company. She has been an active grandmother, travel enthusiast, and senior group participant for many years.

I remember as a kid my grandparents always looked after us. Whether it was picking us up from school when we were sick, babysitting us when our parents were away on vacation or just spoiling us on our weekend trips.

My grandma taught me card games, how to tackle puzzles, Polish recipes and patience. Although she was always very patient and loving with us, she was also creative with her punishments when we misbehaved. One day my brother and I were fighting about who got the last Diet Coke, I won, and when I wasn't looking he poured salt in my drink to get back at me. I told my grandma and she made him drink the whole thing as his punishment.

My grandma has always given herself for others. If I ever needed her to help me with homework, to color with me, to watch a movie, to drive me to soccer games or to just be there for me, she always is. She never complains. My Grandma has hosted countless holiday celebrations, cooked her famous pierogi and jello mold for every family party without ever asking for help.

I've been really lucky that at age 22 I still have both of my grandmothers. I think some people my age have forgotten the wisdom and worthiness that comes with an elderly person. I'm thankful for all the memories, stories, cooking lessons, and life lessons that I've been given from them.

When my Grandpa was sick with cancer it was my grandma that took care of him. She sorted his medications, took him to Dr. appointments, did whatever he needed when he needed it. This is just one example of how willing my grandma is to help others and how she has put herself second.

She also has taught me a lot about God, in not so many words. My Grandma never sat us down and gave us religious lessons or read the bible to us, but she always caught me when I would tae God's name in vain. If I ever yelled, "Jesus!" or said "Oh my God", she would always respond with, "Are you praying again?" Just to prove her point.

To this day my Grandma will sit with me for hours while I ask her a million questions about her family and our background or memories of her childhood. She'll also humor me when I ask her how to say all the bad words in Polish.