Lillian Basuk

Honored by:Jerry Fleming, Jon Fleming, Jim Fleming, Howie Basuk, Barbara Heeger Adam
Brick location:PAVER:53  map

Born 6/11/1921 in Charles City, Iowa
Died 10/30/1988 in North Hollywood, California

Lillian Basuk was born in Charles City, Iowa, to immigrant parents from Russia. Although growing up in Iowa as a daughter of immigrants was certainly a challenge, her family was quite respected in Charles City. Her father, Oskel, was a successful businessman there. However, Lil was somewhat of a rebel in her teenage years.

Lil shunned college and went on to seek a career during a time when women did not generally venture out on their own. Rather than getting married as most young women did in that generation, Lil established a career and an independent life for herself for several years in Minneapolis. She eventually moved to California to be closer to her sister Jeanne and family, and continued to fashion an independent life for herself there.

Lil never married and had no children; however, she was very fortunate to have several nephews and a niece who were very much like children to her. Her pleasure in life consisted of these "children"; and her greatest joy was football, to which she would relentlessly dedicate every Sunday.

Lillian worked until she was no longer able to do so physically due to heart and diabetes problems. She died of a stroke at the age of 67.


Paver is located in the top left area of the plaza.
Paver Inscription:

"Lillian Basuk"