Lillian Girarde

Honored by:Shirley Beneke
Brick location:C:26  map

Major Lillian C. Girarde was a career Army Nurse during World War II, continuing her service for twenty-one years. She had great love and respect for the United States of America and its flag. She was the first woman officer to serve in Alaska with subsequent duty in Burma, India, Europe, Okinawa and several areas of the United States. She was a great officer --- anyone who came in contact with her knew where they stood - no beating around the bush! Despite her wonderful outspokenness, she had a heart as soft as a marshmallow. Upon her retirement, she took up her avocation of cooking. She did not make a pan of soup - she made a sixteen-quart stock pot full of the tastiest soup in town and went on her soup run --- providing wonderful chicken or beef vegetable soup to all the "little old ladies" she knew. Lil was extremely interested in education of the young people and success of independent business people. If she knew of a relative or friend who needed financial help to finish college, she generously helped them on a monthly basis. Also, she encouraged the young people to continue their education with the "carrot" of financial help as well as providing a sense of self esteem in these young people! She made certain to trade with the independent merchant in town and probably on one or more occasion helped them financially and served as a public relations advocate for them. Even though Lil passed away March 21, 1993 she has left a fine and lasting legacy of her presence.