Lillian Jennings

Honored by:Ann Jennings
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Lillian Witt was born in a German community on February 8, 1902. Little was mentioned by Lillian about her upbringing But it was understood to be a challenge to combine the values and traditions of the old world with all the new world ideas. She married William Allen Jennings on June 25, 1925.

She became the devoted wife supporting his every effort to build their company Economy Forms Corporation of Des Moines. Financially and politically conservative she raised their four children Georgeane, Ralph, Albert and Donald. Later she helped raise the five children of her physically disabled daughter.

She impressed upon many people the values of being honest doing the right thing and investing in the tools of production. Although she was involved in the North High PTA the Des Moines Women's Club and TTT she seemed to sacrifice the glory of personal achievements and recognition. She was the most humble and generous woman who saw her own achievements through the eyes of her children and husband. Her family and friends remember Lillian as one of the most respected women to touch their lives. Lillian peacefully passed on November 24, 1986.