Linda Mae Fell Dockendorff

Honored by:Jay D. Dockendorff
Brick location:F:24  map

Linda Fell Dockendorff interrupted her formal education after completing two years of study in the College of Home Economics in 1961. She was asked to do so to get married and relocate to the Chicago area and start a new life in support of her husband and future children.

 She fulfilled those important responsibilities admirably leading the successful rearing of three responsible children and assisting with family business interests leading to a reasonable level of economic well-being and financial independence. Mrs. Dockendorff has now resumed her studies and should graduate from Northern Illinois University with a degree in Art History in 1995.

 While this should not occur for many years yet into the future she has firmly requested her ultimate disposition be cremation without interment or headstone-marking. It is therefore likely this brick in the Plaza of Heroines will be the only permanent public reminder of Linda Fell Dockendorff native of DeWitt, Iowa student and much loved wife and Mother.