Lindsay Ann Sargent

Honored by:Kay Kretchschmar Runge
Brick location:PAVER:42  map

Lindsay Ann Sargent, eldest daughter of Susan and Philip was born January 20, 1977. She was a 4-H Member for several years and graduated with Distinction from Ames High School in 1995. She was a member of the All State Band and is a Counselor at the Des Moines Y Camp at Boone for the 3rd year.

Submitted on 6/95

Paver Inscription:

"Six Generations of Women

Hannah Cox McClean 1832-1917
Addie McClean Martin 1856-1941
Mary Martin Paul 1885-1968
Ina Paul Kretschmar 1909
Kay Kretschmar Runge 1946
Katherine Anna Runge 1981
Susan Kretschmar Sargent 1948
Jennifer Kay Sargent 1978"

Brick also located at: H19