Linnea M. Brooke

Honored by:Paul C. Brooke
Brick location:C:22  map

To Linnea Brooke:

I am honoring you by placing your name in the Carrie Chapman Catt Plaza of Heroines because you have made such a radical and important impact on my life. I know that the dream I had of receiving my Ph.D. would never have happened if it hadn't been for you. It is difficult to put into words the love and admiration I feel for you, but I will try.

Raising three boys who all had their special problems was a difficult thing. You always showed tremendous patience and understanding. I can still remember when you decided to go back to college to get your degree after being out of school for a long time. I was so impressed that you followed through and graduated. The model you provided showed me how to study and prepare for college. Now I know that college experience is going to allow me to become a university professor. And I have you to thank for that.

I think I inherited a strong creative side from you. In my writing, I try to write in voices different from my own, outside my range of personal experience. I know that creativity is important to you. I see it in the quilts you sew by hand. Or the pleasure you derive from reading a good book. The creativity you cherish gives power to my writing and my daily way of seeing things. And for that I am grateful.

Like you, I see myself as a compassionate, warm person. I am open to the world and the knowledge it has to offer. You constantly remind with your actions how hard work pays off. You sacrificed many things by working outside of the house. I admire your dedication to your husband, your family, your friends, and the community. And that means so much.

Often times in our family we did not express our true feelings, but today I want to tell you again how important you are to me and how much I love you. This brick that is placed here is a reminder of the power and influence you had over me. It represents commitment, respect, and most of all, love.

Your Loving Son.