Lisa Bree Olson

Honored by:Nicole, Ashley and Christopher Olson
Brick location:F:11  map

Statement from Daughter, Nicole, Age 6: "I like you because you are nice and take care of us. And we gave this brick to you because of being loving and nice to us. We love you because you are our Mommy!"

Statement from Daughter, Ashley, Age 4: "I like you because you are nice. I love you and I hope you say thank you for the brick and you can go to see the brick some time. Thank you for taking care of me."

Statement from Husband, Christopher: "I don't think I can say it any better than our two beautiful daughters with which we have been blessed. You have had a profound influence on my past which will continue in the future. Thanks for being my best friend and partner in life. We have Iowa State to thank for bringing us together."

Submitted on 4/20/95