Lois Ann Johanns

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For a child growing up, a mother probably exerts one of the most important influences that will affect a child for the rest of his/her life. Our mother, Lois Ann Johanns, unconditionally loved us six children while we were growing up and continues that love now as we are all adults. Mom has spread that love to our children her grandchildren (all ten of them!).

Mom is a wonderful role model. While we were growing up, her patience seemed endless but at the same time we knew we had to toe the mark. Mom always had time to listen to us and do activities with us. This wasn't always easy since we were five active children whose ages are within a seven-year span.

Being a Christian and showing us how to be good Christians was and still is an important aspect of Mom's life. She has taught us all how to be warm, caring individuals who show respect to all people.

In 1972 Joel, our youngest brother, was born. Joel was born with a heart defect and a mental disability. Mom's love and commitment to Joel is constantly being demonstrated. Mom is Joel's greatest advocate. Joel has grown into a fine young man with an abundance of love to offer everyone. When one receives love freely, one knows how to give love freely.

Our family would like to honor our mother Lois Johanns by including her name in the Plaza of Heroines. We know Mom will always be our heroine but we'd like to share this fact with the many people who will visit the Plaza of Heroines. Mom, We'll always love you! You'll always have a special place in our hearts.

Denise, Karen, Alan, Sharon, Nancy, Joel and all of our families.