Lois T. Byrne

Honored by:Her Family
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We love you Mom! You have always been there for us - during the joyful and hard times. You are patient, kind, caring, and have always showed your children that you love them. We admire you, Mom. You're always full of energy and willing to try something new. And yet at the same time you are disciplined and know how to make good, sound decisions. You have instilled a sense of pride, hope, and unity in your children, which has helped to make us a close loving family. You help us look at the positive when things get a little tough, and suppot us in achieving our goals.

They say children are a product of their parents - and in this case we believe that is very true! We wouldn't be or have achieved what we have without you and Dad - thank you! We hope that we can be as good as parents as you and Dad are to us. Thanks for being our Mother!

Your children,

Rick, Randy, Becky, Mary, Julie, Debi, Lori, Patti, Mike, Marty, Terry, Kim, John, and Michelle