Lola Thompson

Honored by:Louis Thompson
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Lola F. Thompson became a widow at the age of 29 with three children: Louis M., age 11, Leon, age 10, and Mildred, age 9. She and her three children lived in poverty for two years until she ran for the office of County Treasurer in Throckmorton County, Texas. She had three men as opponents but she won more votes than the three men combined in the primary election.

She held the office for six years, 1928 to 1934, during which time she saw her three children start to college. All three earned bachelor degrees in the 1930's. Louis M. earned a Ph.D. from Iowa State in 1950 and was Professor of Agronomy and head of Farm Operation from 1950 to 1958, then Associate Dean of Agriculture at Iowa State University from 1958 to 1983.

Lola enjoyed 30 years of retirement from Government Service as a clerk and became a wealthy resident of Weslaco, Texas, due to smart investments in the stock market. She died November 15, 1991, and was buried in the Throckmorton, Texas where her husband, Aubrey L. Thompson, was buried in 1926.

Submitted on 7/1/96