Lori J. (Lemke) Grothaus

Honored by:Jean R. Finegan
Brick location:C:6  map

This brick is merely a symbol - a tribute to who and what you are to me. It signifies the many years of sacrifice for your family. The unending love and heartfelt help. You are a gifted giver of goodness. In a steadfast manner you consistently demonstrate your love for others. Wherever there's a need you are there to fill it. Out of love for your family you have shown the true meaning of sharing and caring for others. Everything you've undertaken results in an effort that far exceeds and expectations. Recognizing early that you would always do your best. Reaching out to servicemen by writing encouraging words. Romance and adventure ruled your marriage with Dad. Ready with a helping hand while racing to get things done. Running a trucking company with respect and resistance. Raising two daughters to be responsible adults. Responsible for putting both kids through college. Radiating love for the new lives they have found.

Ready to let them go... I reflect on my Mom the joys we've shared the grief we've lived the grace we've accepted from God above. This remarkable woman renews my faith in life. Thank you Mom.