Lorraine J. Hoffman

Honored by:Department of Veterinary Diagnostic & Production Animal Medicine
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It is with great pride that we honor Dr. Lorraine J. Hoffman on a paver within the Plaza of Heroines at Catt Hall. Dr. Hoffman is an outstanding faculty member in the ISU College of Veterinary Medicine, a remarkable departmental college and university citizen, a national leader in her area of specialization in veterinary microbiology, a tireless mentor for veterinary students, and particularly female students that have chosen a career in animal and public health, a highly effective mentor for young faculty members, and a very active and effective member of her local community. She is both a mother and a grandmother who devotes her life to the teaching and nurturing of her family. The impact she has had on the lives of her family, community, students, and co-workers has been immense. She had led quietly by example and always with professionalism and collegiality.

--- The Department of Veterinary Diagnostic & Production Animal Medicine



Dr. Lorraine J. Hoffman has over 35 years experience as a diagnostic microbiologist at ISU most of which was spent as Bacteriology Section Leader in the ISU Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory (ISU VDL). She is a professor of Veterinary Diagnostic and Production Animal Medicine (VDPAM) and was appointed Director of Operations for the ISU VDL in 2006. Since the ISU VDL was started in 1947 Dr. Hoffman is the first woman to serve as the Director. The ISU VDL is one of the largest most progressive fully accredited veterinary diagnostic laboratories in the U.S. The ISU VDL serves the animal agriculture industry of Iowa through performing diagnostic investigations on 45000 to 50000 cases each year.

Although Hoffman’s passion is professional practice and solving problems for clients who are anxious for complete accurate and timely diagnoses she also devoted significant time and passion to research mentoring teaching advising professional and graduate students as well as serving on numerous university college and departmental committees. Dr. Hoffman was recently honored with a Lifetime Membership in the American Association of Veterinary Medicine in August of 2006 at ISU for her significant contributions to college and society. The Switzer Award recognizes exemplary individuals who through their achievements have made significant contributions to society or to the enhancement of the veterinary medicine college.

Dr. Hoffman has been a quiet and effective leader across campus. She has served on several important committees such as the University Appeals Committee Athletic Appeals Committee Human Relations Committee and others. She has also served as a faculty advisor to the Iota Chapter of Phi Beta Chi sorority at ISU. She gets to know the women and their families personally often talks about having helped the women through various academic and personal challenges and spends a lot of time on nights and weekends writing stacks of letters to recommend the sorority members for internships acceptance to graduate or professional school or for jobs.

Dr. Hoffman has tirelessly served the Ames and Huxley/Ballard communities. She has served on essentially all committees in the local church and school and served several leadership roles on the parish and school boards. Dr. Hoffman and her husband Pete have been integral to the continuation and success of a strong 4-H program for the youth of Story County. She has also been a leader in providing on-on-one mentorship to troubled female youth in the community.

Dr Hoffman retired in February of 2009 at the peak of her career at ISU. Her accomplishments have been many and her impact on stakeholders and people has been broad. She will be greatly missed by the veterinary community served by the ISU VDL and the faculty and staff in the department and college but we fully expect that Dr. Hoffman will spend part of her time in retirement giving back to the university as expected of a true professional.

Paver Inscription:

"L J Hoffman PhD
34 years as a bacteriologist,
A mentor to many"