Louise Moen Hamilton

Honored by:Samuel C. Hamilton, Paul R. Hamilton, and David R. Hamilton, and the Music Department
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Honored by Samuel C. Hamilton, Paul R. Hamilton, and David R. Hamilton

The sons of Louise Moen Hamilton are gratified to dedicate a certain room in the Carrie Chapman Catt Hall in the name of their mother. With love and affection for this wonderful lady we write the following summary of her life:

Louise Moen was born March 9, 1907 to Rosine Preus and Marcus Moen in Calmar, Iowa. Her father immigrated from Norway as an infant and her mother was a first generation descendent of Norwegian immigrants. Her childhood was spent in this small rural Iowa town with her two brothers and two sisters experiencing the pre-electric pre-indoor plumbing lifestyle of early America.

The family moved to Mason City, Iowa so the children could have better schooling. Her father organized a construction business which became widely acclaimed in that part of Iowa. Louise was active in numerous school activities and was an enthusiastic tennis player. She was graduated in 1924.

She attended Junior College at Mason City for two years at the same time working for her father in his construction business. In 1927 she enrolled at Iowa State College and was initiated into the Chi Omega Sorority. 1927 was a big year for her for she was courted by Sam C. Hamilton. They were married in October 1930. Sam Hamilton was a graduate in civil engineering and a member of Sigma Chi Fraternity. Her college career was full and rewarding for in addition to her romance she participated in choral activities and sang the "E" part in the "AMES" quartet. She was a member of the Sigma Alpha Iota Honorary Musical Fraternity. She was graduated in 1930 with a degree in home economics and left Iowa State with a strong allegiance to the school. Throughout her life she has remained active in both ISU alumni matters and those of Chi Omega Sorority.

Following their marriage the couple moved to Birmingham Alabama. Sam held a position in the sales office of Chicago Bridge & Iron Company. Through the difficult days of the Depression the couple faced the every day fear of losing the job with the company. But Sam was an indispensable part of that business which eventually took him to a top executive position in 1957. The first son Sam Jr. was born in 1931 followed by Paul in 1934 and David in 1939.

With the birth of her children Louise fell into the purpose and role to which she truly aspired. Her entire life has been devoted to her family and homemaking and she never desired any other recognition. She did however spend her scant leisure time developing the golf swing which she learned in phys ed class back at Iowa State. Some observers have said that Louise had a golf swing as fine as that of any amateur. She and Sam enjoyed golfing together for some sixty years.

In 1940 the family moved to Houston Texas where Sam took over as district manager of the sales department. Raising three sons was an all consuming task during these years but the excitement of football and basketball games in which each son participated left few dull moments.

Sam had become a member of the Board of Directors of his company in 1946 and in 1957 the word came down from the main office in Chicago that he was needed there as a vice-president. Though their roots were deeply planted and their life was happy in Houston she and Sam picked up and moved to Chicago in 1957.

The years in Chicago were happy exciting ones for Louise in her role as an executive's wife. She immediately became a positive force in support of Sam's responsibilities with the company. She received much praise and was held in high esteem for her role in Sam's success. She was involved in many social and charitable endeavors including the Infant Welfare Society of Chicago and the Oakbrook Rotary Club. She became adept at fly fishing and traveled with Sam to New Zealand and South America to pursue their hobby.

In 1971, Louise and Sam retired from the company after forty two years the whole of their married life. They decided to retire to Lakeway a retirement community just west of Austin, Texas. It seems that Louise's life became even more interesting if possible. She saw her grandsons Mark and John born to her oldest son Sam Jr. and her granddaughters Elizabeth and Alexis born to her youngest son David.

Louise took up her golf game in a serious fashion and planned and enjoyed many world wide excursions. She established an endowment program in the Iowa State University Foundation dedicated to the music department for the expense of bringing great artists to the University. Many trips were made to Ames to participate in ISU alumni programs.

Louise continues to be active in her church and has for years been part of organized Bible study. She completed a five year course of the Old Testament. Keenly interested in foreign language she is active and has been for a long time in a conversational Spanish class. In her eighties, she said to her Spanish class one day, "I need to work on and to improve my French. So little time, so much to do!" The class laughed, it was so typical of Louside. She has always had "so much to do."

Louise and Sam have now lived in Lakeway for twenty four years, the longest time they have spent in one location. In October of 1995, they will celebrate 65 years of a solid and happy marraige. Their life together, now in the twilight of their years, is one of fulfillment and thanksgiving for the blessing that have been theirs.

- Samuel C. Hamilton, Paul R. Hamilton, and David R. Hamilton


Honored by the Music Department

Born in Calmer, Iowa, on March 9, 1907, Louise Moen Hamilton received a BS degree in Home Economics in 1930 from Iowa State College. While attending Iowa State, she was a member of the Chi Omega Sorority, the Glee Club, the Chapel Choir, Sigma Alpha Iota Honorary Musical Sorority and she sang the "E" in the "AMES" Quartet. In October 1930, Louise married Samuel C. Hamilton. Louise has been an enthusiastic and supportive wife to Sam and a devoted and loving mother of their three sons: Samuel Jr., Paul and David.

Because of their continuing interest in Iowa State University, Sam and Louise established the Louise Moen Hamilton Endowment for the benefit of undergraduate Sisters at Iowa State University and in 1987 the Louise Moen Hamilton Endowment for Excellence in Music to benefit student musicians and to bring great artists to the university to perform. The couple continues to make periodic generous contributions to these funds. In 1994, the Hamiltons added an estate gift to the fund to endow a chair in the music department the Louise Moen Hamilton Chair in Music. The gift commemorated the couple's 63rd wedding anniversary.

Sam Hamilton has been a member of the ISU Foundation's Board of Governors since 1960 and served as president of the Foundation's Board from 1964-1970. He worked closely with university leaders in planning and obtaining funds for the construction of the Iowa State Center. Sam and Louise are long-time supporters of the arts at Iowa State University and the communities where they have lived. Louise is also a supporter of the "Ring of Life Society" the alumni organization of the Home Economics College.

Now retired and living in a suburb of Austin, Texas, Louise enjoys golfing, fly fishing, bible studies and world-wide travel.


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