Louise Sawyer

Honored by:Mary Sawyer
Brick location:D:12  map

1939 - 1965

Louise Sawyer grew up in Beaver City, Nebraska. After graduating from high school she worked as a radiology technician at a clinic in McCook, Nebraska. From a young age, Louise was interested in national politics. I have wondered if her life had taken a different turn if she might have become a candidate for public office herself. If so, she would have risen above the fray of electoral politics to become a true statesperson. Louise was a gentle caring woman. She loved children, and cats, and sunsets, and books, especially biographies. Religion was important to her. Family was most important of all. She was a generous person, always ready to help others. She was there for me when I needed her. Louise is my big sister. She would be proud that I teach at Iowa State. She died of brain cancer when she was twenty-five years old. This is my tribute to her.

Submitted on 5/94