Lowell Club of Boone IA

Honored by:Elaine Anderson
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The Lowell Club of Boone Iowa is a women's study club with a significant historical background. The Centennial year of its founding was celebrated in 1987. From earliest beginnings it has held annual election of officers, observed parliamentary procedures and maintained a regular never-broken schedule of group study meetings. For many years it was affiliated with Federated Women's Clubs. Jennie Ritchey Hindman, wife of district judge David Hindman, is credited with being the originator and first leader in the earliest period when the club was "The Reading Circle" (1887-1890). In 1891 Flora Spencer Barkley, wife of Honorable Alonzo J. Barkley, was invited to join the existing group of eight members. She suggested the name "The Lowell Chautauqua Circle" to honor the poet James Russell Lowell.

The Club was known by this name until 1895, during which time nine more members were added. The present name The Lowell Club of Boone Iowa thus had its origin. The early history of the city of Boone, incorporated in 1865, had influence of individual Lowell Club members in its churches, library, schools, hospital and charitable organizations. The same is true today. The common thread that brings its members together from divergent backgrounds and interests is the pursuit of group study. The membership is and has always been a cross-section of ages and interests. Members are selected on the basis of likely active participation at meetings.

Originally, program topics were assigned and prepared for weeks in advance. They were presented in lengthy formal manner and at the conclusion were critiqued by members. Social occasions, which often times included husbands and guests, were described in rhetorical elegance appropriate to the Victorian age in letter-perfect script in club minutes. Traditions have evolved and changed in Lowell Club, as have women's roles in society.

General topics such as social and ethical issues, women making a difference, authors and Iowa women (including Carrie Chapman Catt) have been subjects of study in recent years. Discussions with additional topic information usually follow. Roll call is answered with current events. For many years, the first and third Monday afternoons of each month beginning in October for eleven meetings have been reserved by Lowell Club members.

The Club's motto "The truth shall make you free" is evidence of the expectations of the pursuit of knowledge through group study. The current membership has contributed the funding of the brick entitled "The Lowell Club of Boone Iowa."

1994 MEMBERSHIP Elaine Anderson, Mary Anderson, Susan Anderson, Diana Byriel, Jane Cook, Cynthia Cramer, Shirley Dahl, Jean Digmann, Wanda Goeppinger, Terrie Greco, Laurie Greiner, Pat Henkel, Cay Herrald, Jan Kanne, Natalie Knudel, Jo Krug, Barb Lilly, Marleen Moffitt, Joyce Rouse, Josephine Said, Gloria Stearns, & Marlys Wassenaar