Lucille Goresline

Honored by:Bob Blumenschein
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Lucille Goresline (Mrs. Harry E) was my sunday school teacher from 4th grade through 9th grade, as her husband was earning a degree (MS '28) from Iowa State. We had experienced a series of ordinary SS teachers at the Collegiate Methodist Church (which was our 5th grade classroom because Welch School burned just before the time for school to start). But in 4th grade we were blessed with a prize, Mrs. Goresline (that was before kids knew married women’s first names) and we were not about to give her up. Beginning in 5th grade the boys and the girls were supposed to be in separate classes of two grades each. To prevent the impending disaster we formed a committee, marched into the SS superintendentis office, and said if we could graduate Mrs. Goresline with all of us into a 5th grade class we would stay at Collegiate Methodist. If not we would take all the kids to the Presbyterian church. I'm unsure as to what our parents might have said during the discussions but we won--Hallelujah!!

I will always regret that I was somehow "too busy" to look her up and to tell her how great of an influence she was in the lives of a dozen or so kids. Frank Botts, Walter Draper, Marjorie (Countryman) Guthrie, Wilma Fuchs, Georgia Kilgore, Carita Knuths Raymondslater, and Bob Blumenschein are the names that come to mind.