Lucille Margaret Hebner

Honored by:Deirdre Cox Baker
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Lucille Margaret Hebner was born Sept. 16, 1915 the eldest daughter of Eugene and Katherine Weir Hebner of Minneaplis, Minn. She gradauted from Minneapolis West High School in 1933 and embarked upon a self-sufficient life notable for the way in which she cared for her family.

Lucille never married and was "Auntie" to her many nieces and nephews. She was a tower of strength in many ways who loved God and her Catholic Church with all her heart. She worked and was self-supporting from the very beginning managing her life and finances to not be a burden to others. She was a prime caregiver to her sister Mary Barbara Hebner (see separate entry) who was sick for 17 years.

She was a strong beam of support to Barbara's five children and to the children of her other siblings: Bob, Norma and Bill. She loved "going out and doing things". She loved to travel and besides Minneapolis, lived in Washington D.C.; Austin Texas; and Los Angeles. She was a strong and good woman. At her funeral in October 1993 she was given a moving and loving tribute ... by seven of her beloved nieces and nephews.