Lucy Ross Grimm

Honored by:Lucy Grimm Lane and David R. Grimm
Brick location:B:20  map

Our Mother was born on April 28, 1905 in David City, Nebraska into a family of 4 older brothers. Her mother died when she was only 8 years old. She was a Kappa Alpha Theta and graduate of the University of Nebraska. After teaching English and Latin in Nebraska Iowa and Illinois for a few years she married Lloyd David Grimm and moved to Wapello, Iowa. She devoted her life to activities in her church and community and to raising her 2 children--both are graduates of ISU and Grandson Jim Lane received his Ph.D. from ISU in 1994. Our Mom was widowed at the age of 50 and moved to Ames where she became 'Mom' to the men of the TKE house for 7 years. She has continued to live in Ames and enjoyed attending the athletic cultural and musical events at Iowa State. Currently she resides at Northcrest Retirement Community and is content to be an armchair fan of the Cyclones. Her life has been full and she has shared her optimism and joy of life with her family and countless friends. She has been an inspiration to all who have known her.