Luella Madill

Honored by:Verna Boland
Brick location:C:26  map

I proudly honor my mother, Luella Elizabeth (Gause) Madill who lived from 1904 to 1964. She grew up in a lean economic environment, and did not get to reach her goal of studying Home Economics at Iowa State University. She and her sister, Mary, rotated attending college and working (teaching elementary school), each supporting the other's educational efforts in the 1920's. She offered much to womankind and mankind.

In a variety of ways she contributed strength, generosity, patience and respect with her talents to her family and community. Her support, her courage, and her devotion made a difference! Her flexibility and touch with humor made adjustments easier. Her appreciation for education, and concern for all provided inspiration to those around her. She enjoyed my years at Iowa State so much. It's with much satisfaction that I respond to this opportunity to share my gratitude for the life of this special woman.

Submitted on 7/1/96