Lulu Lego Hughes

Honored by:Alice Missildine-Keil
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Lulu Lego Hughes was born in Mt. Carroll, Illinois in 1880. She graduated from the University of Illinois Law School in 1902 and was admitted to the bar in Illinois in 1903. She practiced law for an insurance firm Royal Neighbors of America traveling over the United States and Canada until her marriage to Harold D. Hughes in 1908. She accompanied her husband to Ames Iowa when he became professor and head of the Division of Farm Crops at Iowa State College in 1910. He continued in this position for 38 years with Lulu Lego Hughes making a home for him and their three children until she passed away in 1939.

Her obituary said "Mrs. Hughes was an exceptional woman as a wife a mother a friend and a citizen. She was modest of her talent and was a true friend of any cause she advocated. As a graduate of the law she had a keen analytical mind. Interested in civic political educational and church affairs she served on many committees and as president of various organizations serving as convention chairman of the Iowa Congress of Parents and Teachers. With all of her many activities she was a devoted wife and mother."


Paver Inscription:

"Lulu Lego