Lynne Weldon

Honored by:The Materials Science & Engineering Department
Brick location:PAVER:23  map

Lynne Weldon was a dedicated employee of the Materials Science & Engineering Department for 30 years, and in that time she touched the lives of countless faculty, staff, and students in the ISU community with her phenomenal work ethic, loyalty, quiet compassion and friendship.  Lynne had a penchant for detail and was a true expert with the accounting aspects of her position.  We could count on Lynne to know the rules behind the policies (and be steadfast in reminding us) and she offered an outstanding historical perspective for the department when new ideas were discussed.  In a setting with new student faces with each academic year, changing faculty and processes, and even a couple of new department locations, Lynne was an important constant in the MSE “family.”  

This memorial not only honors the many years of memories we shared with Lynne at ISU, but also pays tribute to her role as a woman who made a difference through her personal life and legacy.  Lynne was a devoted wife, mother, sister, daughter, and friend.  Lynne took pride in coming to work each day, but she also maintained a work-life balance that was inspiring to those of us who knew her.  She waged a hard-fought battle with cancer on a personal level, but she also spread her determination, positivity and mission for cancer awareness and support in ways that benefitted the entire community.

Just as Lynne made a mark on all of our hearts in the time that we knew her, we leave this mark here at ISU as a special way of celebrating the life and impact of a woman we will never forget.


The Quiet One 

She quietly spoke, but with meaning and heart
You would listen and learn, indeed she was smart
How could you not, if you didn’t, you’d know
She meant what she said as her face it did show
So full of life, but especially for others
She was a daughter, a sister, a wife, and a mother
A friend to the rest, you and I can attest
She gave us her all, she gave it her best
The battle she lost, but the victory she won
As she is with God, the Father, the Son
She said yes, I said no, she was nice, I was so-so
She said goodbye, but we say hello
When we meet again when to heaven we go
Until then, the memories we’ll hold
To treasure, to have, and forever be told
We will continue your fight here on earth
To honor your life with zeal and mirth
It’s the least we can do for you my dear friend
How could we not, you did so to the end
You now are at peace, for that we are glad
We’ll not fret, be upset, or be sad
Instead we’ll proceed and do you as you meant
For that I know you would say “Excellent”


Submitted on 10/22/12

Paver inscription:

"Lynne Weldon
Beloved MSE Staff Member