M. L. O'Dea Schenken

Honored by:Suzanne O'Dea Schenken
Brick location:D:15  map

Maggie Schenken, as she is known by her friends, is a fifteen-year-old student at Valley High School is West Des Moines, Iowa. She is the daughter of Dr. Suzanne O'Dea Schenken and John E. Schenken. She was born on December 16, 1979 in Des Moines, Iowa. She has an older brother, William O'Dea Schenken.

Maggie’s mother purchased a brick in her daughter’s honor because Maggie exemplifies so many honorable and worthy aspects of today’s young woman. When she has encountered sexism and discrimination is the classroom or at summer camps, she has courageously challenged it, patiently explaining to the offender the reasons that the behavior or language was unacceptable. Even though these exchanges have been emotionally difficult and on occasions necessarily involved other adults, Maggie has persevered to the benefit of other students and colleagues, both female and male.

Maggie also exemplifies another aspect of young women. She is a dreamer who has the imagination to dream big dreams about her future. She aspires to be a marine biologist. Her specific isterest is in marine mammals. She would like to work on a rescue team specializing is manatees. Her family fully expects to learn more about marine mammals as she develops her expertise in her chosen field.

A young woman with many good and devoted friends, she is viewed as a leader among her peers. Often sought out for her thoughts on her friends' concerns, she responds with care and honesty. Her independence of mind is an important resource to her and to her friends.

A creative young woman, Maggie brings a flair and style to everything she does. From her photography to her classwork she adds a dimension to common things that is not ordinarily present.

Her mother proudly presents Marguerite-Louise O'Dea Schenken to the world as a symbol of the fulfillment of generations of women's dreams.

Submitted on 3/94