Mabel Honn

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Mabel Bales grew up in Illinois and graduated from Eastern Illinois State Teacher's College. She taught school several years until her marriage to Isaac Honn. She had 2 children, Reese and Pat. She was an avid reader, particularly of biographies and books on science and politics. She was widowed at age 47 and went out to work in various clerical positions. Mabel's family was very important to her and the family returned that devotion in full measure. Almost annual reunions of the family were a highlight of the year. She saved her money very carefully so that she could travel. She learned to speak Spanish using her son's high school texts and then went to live in Mexico for two years after her retirement. Mabel was a strong influence in the lives of her children and to her daughter imparted a strong value system, a sense of confidence and life-long, loving support. 3/27/94