Madolyn Johnson

Honored by:Cari Christopher, Cathi Schwartz-Reyes, and the employees and representatives of The Homemaker's Idea Company
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Madolyn Johnson, the president and founder of The Homemaker's Idea Company, is a visionary businesswoman who has built a company that provides women nationwide the opportunity to build a rewarding career and still maintain family priorities. Madolyn was born and raised in Des Moines Iowa and is an Iowa State alumna. Madolyn has always been a role model, showing leadership and a passionate entrepreneurial spirit. She is a Heroine to many women who share her mission.

After leaving teaching to begin her family, Madolyn needed to continue to contribute financially to her family. She searched until she found a product line that she loved -baskets and decorative accessories. She began selling these items in the homes of family and friends. In 1971, she risked everything and closed out her Teacher's Retirement Fund. With that $1,500 and an incredible conviction, she founded Wicker World Enterprises which today is doing business as The Homemaker's Idea Company.

Today The Homemaker's Idea Company is a direct selling organization with more than 5,000 independent sales representatives nationwide who sell the company's product line of home decorative accessories. Madolyn shares her passion and entrepreneurial spirit with these representatives. Madolyn truly understands the importance of balancing family and business. While The Homemaker's Idea Company has grown exponentially, it is still grounded in the core principles it was founded upon the fundamental value of family. The company is committed to providing representatives with the opportunity to reach their full potential while maintaining family priorities. Mission-driven companies were virtually unheard of 31 years ago. In spite of this, Madolyn founded her company on the premise of offering others flexibility, opportunity, good pay and recognition.

Through Madolyn's leadership, The Homemaker's Idea Company works to provide a fair and ethical working and selling environment for employees, representatives and customers. As evidenced in the documents provided, representatives can successfully balance work and family because they have joined Homemaker's. Madolyn and The Homemaker's Idea Company work with the charitable organization "Rebuilding Together with Christmas in April." Each year the company brings together a group of volunteers made up of representatives and Home Office staff who spend time rehabilitating the homes of low-income families, particularly the elderly and disabled.

Since 1995, The Homemaker's Idea Company has donated over $2 million worth of "gift baskets" through Rebuilding Together with Christmas in April. In 1997, Homemaker's was awarded the Direct Selling Association's Vision for Tomorrow Award. The Association bestows this honor on the organization that it feels has made the greatest positive contribution to a nationwide charitable program.

Madolyn is driven to make a difference by impacting one life at a time, one home at a time and one family at a time.