Madyson May Walter

Honored by:Kathleen Shaver
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Madyson May Walter was born October 23, 1998. She is the daughter of Mary Shaver Walter (BS, 1987) and Joss Adam Walter (BS, 1992). She was born in Des Moines, Iowa and currently lives in Lee's Summit, Missouri where Joss is a church pastor and Mary is a quality control nurse for United Health Care.

Relatives who are ISU graduates include grandmother, Kathleen Shaver (MS, 1974 and 1987); grandfather, the late Charles Shaver (BS, 1956); aunt Sally Shaver (BS, 1990); great uncle Don Goering (PhD, 1979); and cousins Dennis Goering (BS, 1986), Deborah Goering Sinclair (BS, 1983), Brian Sinclair (BS, 1984) and Dwight Crevelt (BS, 1979).

Submitted on 12-31-2000