Mae E. Chumbley Taylor Conklin

Honored by:Doris L. Carlson
Brick location:A:12  map

I am pleased to honor my mother Mae E. Chumbley Taylor Conklin with the placement of one brick in the Plaza of Heroines at Iowa State University.

Mae was born to Art and Ada Chumbley on October 29, 1912 at Indianola, Warren County Iowa. She grew up in Indianola married H. Earl Taylor, son of William and Mary Taylor, on June 14, 1930. Mae is the mother of three children: James Earl, Doris Louise and Richard Arthur.

In the fall of 1946 the family moved to Leonard, North Dakota where Mae was widowed January 3, 1949. Some years later Mae became re-acquainted with J. Clyde Conklin who had been a school friend when she and Earl had been in school. Mae and Clyde were married September 12, 1957 until his death in July 1967. When interviewed for a family history book Mae said "A thing I can't stand in people is a negative attitude and people who don't do their share of work."

Her smile and friendly attitude is her most recognizable physical characteristic. She is quoted as saying "If you see someone without a smile give them yours." Mae is a self-educated, hard working, positive and loving woman. Widowed twice she has had faith and has done what she needed to do to carry her through.

Retired at age 72 Mae moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico where she now resides and using her grandmother's silver thimble made twenty-four wool quilts for family members. Mae has always been interested in education and education for women. For many years she sewed items to be auctioned at a fund raiser for Chapter DL Ohio of the P.E.0. Sisterhood. Not a P.E.0. herself she did this work for her daughter Chapter DL Ohio and to help further the education of women. Three of Mae’s grandchildren have received degrees from Iowa State University. They are: John Perry Carlson Jr. 1976 Electrical Engineering; Daniel Paul Carlson 1982 Civil Engineering; and Candace Ann Carlson (Goff) 1985 Distributed Studies in Music History English and History. Candace played the Stanton memorial Carillon while she was at ISU.

My heroine is my mother Mae Ellen Chumbley Taylor Conklin!