Malora (Montag) Cosgrove

Honored by:Marissa, Kathryn and Alma Cosgrove
Brick location:O:12  map

We dedicate this tribute in the Plaza of Heroines to a very important woman in our lives, our mother Malora (Montag) Cosgrove, Class of 1991. If her contribution to the world can be measured by the success and happiness of her family and those fortunate to know her it is indeed a great thing. Since 1999 she has inspired her daughters to become strong, confident, and action-oriented women who will continue to inspire the next generations. Since graduating from Iowa State, she has striven to always be someone who gets involved in making the world around her a better place.

Dedicated by her loving children on Mother’s Day 2019:
Marissa Cosgrove (Class of 2022), Kathryn Cosgrove (Class of 2023) and Alma Cosgrove (Class of 2027)