Margaret Ann Rickert

Honored by:Joann Janning, Judy Dye and Mary Lorenz
Brick location:D:24  map

Margaret Rickert has been an inspiration and role model to her three daughters. She attended college when most women of her time did not. She taught piano to many people in Sioux City, Iowa. Both she and her husband believed in the power of education. They sacrificed and worked hard to pay for the college education for each daughter. All three attended and graduated from Iowa State University. Joann Janning graduated in 1972, Judy Dye in 1974, and Mary Lorenz in 1977.

Margaret has always encouraged her daughters to be their very best. She has been a mentor and comfort to them over the years. Because of her love for education and her devotion to her husband and daughters, we feel she is our heroine. It is appropriate that she be honored at this institution which she supported and believed in over the years. She is our heroine.

Joann Janning, 1972
Judy Dye, 1974
Mary Lorenz, 1977

Submitted on 1/4/95