Margaret Clark McCarthy

Honored by:Maureen Harter, Judy McCarthy, Cathy Zielinski, and Jean McC
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Margaret Virginia Clark was born on February 13, 1924, in Sherwood, Iowa. She was the 2nd child of Walter and Vera Clark's 3 children and their only daughter. Margaret graduated 2nd in her class for Sherwood High School. She married Clifford McCarthy on February 7, 1948. The couple lived and loved and had 5 daughters in Fort Dodge, Iowa. In 1972, Cliff McCarthy died suddenly, leaving Margaret, then 48 years old, with 2 children in college, 1 in high school and no source of income. Margaret returned to school and became a bookkeeper to support herself. She retired shortly before her 70th birthday. Margaret Clark McCarthy has served as an inspiration to her children and 7 grandchildren. She is open-minded and non-judgmental and her commitment to her family, friends, and community is remarkable.

She is active in her church, volunteers at the local art museum, is a member of several civic groups and works every year at Operation Christmas in Fort Dodge She raised her daughters to be honest, hardworking, strong and independent, to strive for excellence on all levels, both personal and professional. All five of her daughters have advanced college degrees, all are active in their communities, and strive daily to be the kind of heroine that their mother is.