Margaret Hunziker

Honored by:Jon Hunziker
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Margaret grew up as a farm child in Belle Plaine, Iowa. In her youth she had what many would consider a poor and hard life. Nevertheless it was one she says was very happy. She had been taught that happiness in any circumstance is a matter of control over one’s state of mind. This is one of many philosophies she has passed down to her children. All of her six boys were raised to not only enjoy our lives given to us by God but also to do the best that we could.

Mom attended Iowa State College for two years and taught school before being married in 1941. She helped to put Dad through college by managing both a family and two restaurants. Later she became a full time mother with an active family of six boys. It was an undertaking I did not fully comprehend until I too became a parent. Mom I thank you for all your hard work understanding and love. All the boys have become happy and successful individuals through your guidance.

Love Your son, Jon