Margaret K Doe

Honored by:Kristi White and Kendra Gray
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Mrs. Margaret K. Doe is the granddaughter of Edgar W. Stanton and Margaret McDonald Stanton, the first graduate of Iowa State College and first Dean of Women, respectively. Margaret wears a "Chip off the Old Block" (C.O.B.) pin on her charm bracelette. The pin was her mother's and was given out to the class of 1902 (and younger) who were children of ISU alums.

Margaret received a degree in Business Administration from the University of Nebraska in 1947 and held secretarial and accounting managerial positions including County Welfare Director and legal secretary until 1986. She is a 60 year member of PEO and does volunteer work in her community.

Margaret earned ISU alumni status in 1998 when she completed a carilloneur course to learn to play the bells that her grandfather had given to the college in 1899. Margaret became the president of the Stanton Memorial Carillon Foundation in 1999. She is the mother of two very proud daughters, Carillon foundation board members Kristi White and Kendra Gray.

Submitted on 8/1/05