Margaret W. Jones

Honored by:Charles Jones
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Margaret W. Jones was born March 3, 1926 in Eagle Grove, Iowa to Michael and Gertrude Wehrheim. She attended Eagle Grove High School graduating in 1944. From there Margaret attended Eagle Grove Junior College. After graduation Boxholm, Iowa was Margaret's next move where she taught Kindergarten classes until 1952. In 1953 Margaret moved to Winterset, Iowa where she taught Kindergarten classes until 1960.

At this point in her life Margaret was married to Charles W. Jones. The wedding took place in the smallest Church in the World located in Festina, Iowa. After they were married the two moved to Ames, Iowa home of Iowa State University. This is where Margaret decided to continue her education enrolling in Sociology. She earned her Bachelor of Science degree in 1962. She was a member of Alpha Kappa Delta and the Sociology Honor Society.

In 1964 a daughter named Rebecca Anne joined the family and in 1966 a son named Michael William. In 1975 Margaret began working for the university as a librarian at the Iowa State University Library. Here she worked until 1986. Margaret and her family enjoyed life together on an acreage outside of Ames until June 22, 1987 when Margaret died of cancer. Margaret's husband still lives on the family acreage outside of Ames. Her daughter Becky lives in Roland, Iowa with her husband Dennis and two sons Jesse and Jordan. Margaret's son lives in Grimes Iowa with his wife Sharon and three children Samantha Sabrina and Jacob.

My memories of Margaret are filled with the blessings we shared in our married life. Our time together was far too short only 27 years but they were wonderful years. We were blessed with two children Becky and Michael to whom Margaret devoted her life. Margaret filled the role of grandmother for children of many of our friends unfortunately she died before our five grandchildren were born. She was an active member of our church St. Thomas Aquinas of Ames, Iowa as well as our Appalachian committee. She was a true patron of the Arts and the top supporter of the Speech and Drama Department at United Community High School. She was a devoted daughter sister wife mother adopted Grandmother and a friend to all she met. My life as well as many other lives is less rich since God called her home. Margaret's loving husband Chuck 

 Since my mother's death in 1987 I find myself looking for her guidance often when I pray or encounter problems. My mother still remains a tower of strength for me in my life. I can best describe my mother as a loving mom a true Christian and a friend to all. I sometimes thought she knew everyone in Ames as when out walking she would often stop and say Hi to others. Mom also loved kids and especially enjoyed the high school and college kids and the school and community spirit that could be generated by them through athletics and the arts. Some of my fondest memories with Mom were attending sporting activities with her and seeing her enjoy the excitement of the football team running on to the field or the band marching with pride at half-time. Mom truly enjoyed the good things in life and did many wonderful things for St. Thomas Aquinas Church ISU United Community High School and the Ames Community. My wife Sheri and my children Samantha Sabrina and Jacob never got to meet my mother but I sure hope I can give them the unconditional love she would have offered. My mom set a standard for how all people should be courteous respectful and caring towards each other. I hope I can do my part to carry on that standard. I love you Mom. Love your son Michael

Mom so often times I think of you and pray that you will suddenly appear .... and we will have the chance to develop a relationship beyond mother/daughter - the friendship that I know we'd have now. So often times I remember something you did for me growing up that made me feel loved and supported. You're presence when I was sick or when I had a bad dream. The way you and dad made the house feel safe & warm on snow days. I remember all the countless gifts of thoughtfulness and support that you gave to my friends & classmates. When I was in college and in need of my mom I would lay in my dorm room and cry for you.... because you always made me feel better when I needed to feel better. I remember all the care packages of candy socks underwear flowers and special cards that you sent to me ... so many times. All my friends thought you were the best mom! I thought so too.... but I never told you that. I wish I could tell you that now.