Marian Coffman Nash

Honored by:Ann Held Morris, Sara Held and Laura Held
Brick location:G:15  map

Thank you, Grandma, for teaching us acceptance by welcoming everyone into your home--even stray cats.

--for teaching us respect for the elderly through your giving of time, transportation, meals and love to countless senior citizens.

--for instilling in us a love of music through your lifetime participation in vocal music.

--for showing us it is never too late to learn something new by learning to drive and manage money at 40 and tackling a computer at 72.

--for showing us there is "always room for one more" and there is "always enough time" by making time to listen to your eight children and ten grandchildren.

--for instilling in us a reverence for education by leaving home at 14 to work your way through high school.

--for loving us through your sweet rolls, plum jelly, apple pie and home perms.

--for keeping your thumbnail sharp to keep us in line.

--for bringing this family through the pains of losing loved ones and the joys of receiving new life.

--for your undying faith.