Marian E. Daniells

Honored by:Neeltje-Anne Dekoster and Marion E. Lambert
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For being a friend as well as an educator during my undergraduate years at Iowa State. She was the only college professor who kept in contact with me after I graduated. A tough instructor but an interested friend.

Submitted by Neeltje-Anne DeKoster



Marian Daniells obtained her A.B. degree from both Kalamazoo College and the University of Chicago in 1908. She came to Iowa State to complete her M.S. degree in 1919 and remained on the Mathematics faculty until her death in 1975. Marian never married but devoted most of her life to the ISU Mathematics Department and the University in general. She was known as a good old-fashioned school "marm." Her classes were well disciplined. She was especially helpful to students who had trouble with Mathematics because their work was not neat... she shaped them up! During her later years she was nearly blind but still made herself available to help students as a tutor.

When Marian Daniells died at the age of 87 in the summer of 1974 she left her small estate to her brother with the stipulation that when he passed away it was to go to the Iowa State Mathematics Department to endow unrestricted scholarships. Her brother invested the money well and at the time of his death the department received about $94,000. The interest on this money will provide scholarships to many excellent and deserving students in the years to come.

Submitted by Marion E. Lambert