Marian Lucille Knutson Lokken

Honored by:Mary Jackson
Brick location:G:16  map

Born March 1, 1928 Whitehall, Wisconsin
Died May 15, 1992 Ames, Iowa

Marian's daughter Mary and granddaughter MaryJune present this brick in her honor with love always.

Mom used to say things like "shine on both ends" and "if you don't have something nice to say about someone, don't say anything," and her personal favorite "live by The Golden Rule - do unto others as you would have them do unto you." What was more special was that she lived The Golden Rule and the many little phrases she shared with us.

She really believed one person could change the world right where she lived and that having a positive attitude could make life more beautiful every day.

We are so proud she was our mother and grandmother because she made us feel special and powerful and capable of anything.

She meant the world to many women who worked with her at Finesse Imagemakers and Professional Cosmetology Institute.

She meant much to women who became involved in Ames Chamber of Commerce activities because she led the way as its first woman president and founded the Women In Business Committee to involve women more.

She meant hope and possibility to her sister cosmetologists when she led their profession in the sixties.

She set a standard for class and graciousness that allowed those from opposite sides of the political spectrum to respect and listen to her.

She was a successful astute businesswoman who helped others become business owners.

She loved people and doing hair and doing business because no two days were alike and she could influence others by example.

She broke our hearts when she died of cancer but she taught us that even dying can be done with hope, with grace, and with love.